Blue Mountain Building Company provides free on-site quotes

We don’t provide telephone quotes as it is impossible to accurately estimate cost without viewing the site.

A typical quote process involves:

    • initial appointment arranged;
    • a visit to your house or site;
    • discussion with you about the building project: preferred styles, construction materials, timing, budget and council requirements;
    • preparation of quote includes seeking prices from external suppliers and contractors. This will normally take 1 to 2 weeks, longer if the job is complex or requires non-standard materials which need to be sourced and costed;
    • the quote can be provided via email, post or delivered in person;
    • a follow-up meeting to determine the appropriateness of the quote
, and to re-quote on modifications or changes of required;
    • the signing of the contract upon acceptance of quote.

Depending on the project, designs can change and develop as new ideas and material solutions are presented. Comparing across several quotes can be difficult as different builders solve design requirements in different ways. Richard is happy to explain or revise his original quote so more accurate comparisons between quotes can be made.

If you are getting several quotes, please bear in mind that price comparisons need to include quality and dimensions of materials as well as sameness of structural details.

Feedback from customers suggests that the larger the job, the greater the range of prices evident in the builders’ quotes. This is likely a result of the variety of quoting methods used—some builders use a Quantity Surveying method, others quote roughly by the metre. Fixtures and finishes are hard to estimate unless an itemised list is supplied, and differences in costs may be more apparent when kitchens and bathrooms are involved in the costing.

If in doubt, please ask.