Small jobs and minor extensions

If your job is a small one such as a deck, or a straightforward design, like lifting the roof to add another room, its a relatively simple process to cost before detailed plans are drawn. Having a clear understanding of your requirements will streamline this process. Collecting sketches, plans or photos from magazines or brochures is a great way to demonstrate your ideas.

Richard may raise construction issues that you had not anticipated, such as individual house limitations, council set-backs, easements, and various Local Environment Planning (LEP) restrictions. It’s a good idea to keep an open mind about your design as the process can be a fluid one.

In these cases, the final design is determined through your needs, personal preferences, construction limitations and your available budget. Once a final design is agreed upon, Richard will have plans drawn before the council plans are lodged. You are welcome to use a drafting service of your choice, otherwise, Blue Mountains Building Company will handle the drafting process.

Large jobs, extensive renovations and new homes

If your renovations are extensive or are considering a knock-down rebuild or a new home, then its best to consult an architect or designer first. This means that the plans can be used to prepare an accurate quote along with a list of inclusions and exclusions.

Richard works with a number of local architects and designers so if you require a recommendation, call us.