Approval process

The building approval process can be a complex one and will be discussed with you during quoting. To streamline the process, Blue Mountains Building Company manages all facets of the Council application and approvals including Sydney Water checks where necessary.

We ensure the application complies with all requirements.


All properties are zoned which determines the types of permissible development. One of the most significant limitations on developments in the Blue Mountains will be the Bushfire Rating of your property. Other factors include designated set-backs (how close to the property lines you can build) and site coverage limits (how much of your block can be covered with a building or a hard surface).

Following council approval of your Development Application (DA), Richard will arrange a time to discuss the construction program. Construction will be scheduled in approximate order of approval.

For more information about property zoning see our Questions page.

Construction process

Time frames for construction are dependent on the complexity and size of the project but in general, new homes will take between 5-6 months. Decks and room extensions can take as little as 3 weeks.

Depending on your project, Blue Mountains Building Company may require access to power, water and if possible, the use of a toilet. On conclusion of construction Blue Mountains Building Company will complete a site clean-up and remove all rubbish.

Despite the anticipation of the improved lifestyle your building project will provide, the building process can be disruptive. Material and equipment delivery and storage, excavation, and construction noise all contribute to this. Blue Mountains Building Company endeavours to minimise disruption to you.

Please be aware that building has an unavoidable physical impact on a site. There is often impact on grass and gardens by the building process and increased traffic in that area. While our staff do take care, it is advisable to move garden furniture and ornaments and to protect individual plants if they are tender and precious. Pets can be disturbed especially if they are used to having the yard to themselves.

Please talk to Richard if there is anything in particular that you may be concerned about.

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